Company history

Fars and Khuzestan Cement Company launched the first 200-ton unit in Shira in 1334, and after that, other factories were put into operation in the cities of Durood, Abiq Qazvin and Behbahan.
Durood Cement Company, which consists of three separate units, is one of the largest cement producers in the country, which is very famous among cement consumers.

History of unit number one:

This unit started working in 1338 with a capacity of 300 tons per day using the (Ter) method, then by reinstalling a 300-ton furnace, the capacity increased to 600 tons per day, and then in 1343, by installing a 400-ton furnace, production 1000 tons per day increased.
The product produced by this unit is type 5 cement, which is known as anti-sulfate cement, and it is mostly used for dam construction, bridge construction, as well as in saline and chalky lands, for this reason, it is also called resistant cement.
This unit also produces special cements, which can be called drilling cement, which is produced for oil-rich areas, by the order of various companies, including the oil company.

History of unit number two

This unit is also one of the production units of Durood Cement Company. which works in a dry method and was put into operation in 1348 with a nominal capacity of 1000 tons per day.
In this unit, type I cement is produced, which is mostly used in construction purposes, and also a special type I cement with low alkalinity was made according to the order of Russian experts for the iron smelting unit, which is approved by experts from the point of view of pressure and quality. is placed

The history of unit number three

This factory, which is the largest production unit of Durood Cement Company, started working in 1359 and its daily production is over 2500 tons. This unit works in a dry method and can produce type one, type two and type five cements.
This unit is equipped with the most modern and advanced control systems.

Board of Directors

مهندس فرهنگ ساکی

...........مدیرعامل........... .....عضو هیأت مدیره..... کارشناس ارشد MBA

Saki Farhang Engineer anaging director member of the board of directors

آقای حامد عطاری

...رئیس هیأت مدیره..... فوق لیسلنس علوم سیاسی

...........آقای حامد عطاری.......... رئیس هیأت مدیره

مهندس محمد وثوق روحانی

....عضو هیأت مدیره.... کارشناس ارشد مهندسی مکانیک

......مهندس محمد وثوق روحانی ..... عضو هیأت مدیره

مجید آزرده دست

....عضو هیأت مدیره ... کارشناس ارشد حسابداری

...........مجید آزرده دست............. عضو هیأت مدیره

مهندس حسین نجاتی فهیمی

...عضو هیأت مدیره ... کارشناس ارشد مهندسی شیمی

.....مهندس حسین نجاتی فهیمی........ عضو هیأت مدیره

مدیران شرکت

مدیر شرکت

مهندس علی اکبر باجلان

معاونت مالی و اداری

احمد قربانی پناه

مدیر مطالعات راهبردی

محمدرضا حسین زاده

مدیر اداری

مجید رازانی

مدیر مالی

محسن بهرامی

مدیر مهندسی و برنامه ریزی

رهام دیناروند

مدیر انرژی

عباس یاراحمدی

مدیر برق

مهدی ساکی

مدیر فروش

حمیدرضا احمدی

مدیر مکانیک

محمد لشنی زند